Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Lavender's either Dead or Dying

Just before I left for St. Francis Bay, Cape Town was going through a glorious few weeks of hot, sunny weather and it felt like Spring was pretty much here.

The lavender thought Spring was here to stay, so she decided to come out in full bloom. While I was away, the entire month of September went haywire and Winter came back in full force - complete with rainy days, howling wind and freezing cold temperatures. This is what I came back to find on the balcony:

A half-dead/ dying lavender plant.

The easiest thing to do would've been to turn around and blame Kelly for not watering the plants... however, all the other plants seemed to be doing OK. The Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and the Polygala were both green and blossoming... so I can only assume the lavender got frost bite...? Or maybe too much water from the constant rain...?

2/3 of the plant has turned brown, all the flowers have wilted, and even the green bits that are left are intermittently brown throughout the stalks. I don't know what to do now. Google searches say you must NEVER over-prune lavender to the base as they'll never grow again... So I've pruned as much as I think I can to try and save the plant, but it's not exactly looking very good. I've chopped off entire stalks that looked dead.

And the plant's in a very sorry, bald state now. :(

Guess I'll find out in a couple weeks if the entire thing's a goner... any comments/ suggestions from people with green thumbs are welcome!

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