Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stand UP!

...oh, and on the yoga practice front, I finally stood up, ON MY OWN, from backbends. YIPPEEEEEEE!

Check out Sharath at 48 seconds.

(He's the grandson of the founder of Ashtanga Yoga, and incidentally, he's coming to Sydney on a 2-week workshop in October. Of course I'm signed up for it already).

Of course it was nowhere near as graceful as he is - in fact, I was stumbling around on the mat after standing up... in part to get my balance, and in part I was really confused (huh? Did I really stand up already?)... and then I hopped for joy on the mat. YEEHAR!

Now to work on those dropbacks so I can put them all together like him. (there's always more to work on, innit?)


  1. hi Skippety
    congratulations. i think i planned years ago how i was going to celebrate the feat in my blog. so far i haven't had the cause to do so. hehe.

  2. Thanks Arturo! This has been YEARS in the making! Plus coz I've jumped from a couple solid years of ashtanga to mixing it up for another few years in vinyasa/ anusara/ yin/ bikram/ power etc. and I've now only gone back to a consistent ashtanga practice again... (where you actually get to practice dropbacks regularly) that it's now coming. Guruji was right about practice!

    PS. I like how you're also mixing it up now in Arturoasana Yoga (TM). xxx


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