Friday, August 14, 2009

...But Maybe You're More Highly Evolved If You Eat Meat Without Guilt?

Here's another interesting article I've come across on the "To veg or not to veg" question I've been mulling over. See previous post on the animal industry.

I've had some interesting comments both privately and on this blog from people with widely differing views. Much like the discussion going on in the comments section on Sadie's Huffpost article (on being a meat-eating Superstar Yogi).

Here's another great article, which looks at it from another angle. Click on the picture, or on the link here. Still chewing the (veggie) fat on this one. Things that make you go hmm...


  1. Thanks for linking to all these thought-provoking articles!

  2. Some of the comments from readers after both articles are also worth the read. Check 'em out! x


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