Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Comic Relief

(Picture credit here)

Hahaha... Well, I'm keeping in theme of the past couple weeks around here!

Here's another random one. This blog has been around for a while, but I've only just discovered it and I'm in stitches. Be warned: yoga dorks only (but still funny even if you're not a yogi. I think.)

It's what happens when plastic action figures are made to do yoga (yes, someone obviously has a lot of time on their hands...) Only on Yoga Beans.

They're a collection of short stories, based on each pose in the Ashtanga sequence. Here's a snippet of what you'll see...

And here's the money shot, where they reference David Swensen's practice manual!

Duke: "Now, here we see Mr. Swenson in the finished pose. That's some goddamn warrior spear energy right there, I tell you what."

Snake Eyes: "Mmmph!"

Duke: "See how that back foot is grounded? See the way the twist starts at the base of his spine and rotates his torso right around? He's got his gut tucked in tight and that top arm is long and straight and strong as the stem of a flower."

Heavy Duty: "Duke, you're a poet."

Visit Yoga Beans for more.


  1. This is glorious, love the last picture, just perfect., still giggling to myself, thanks for that.

  2. Thanks Grimmly! Nice to see you here. The dialogue in each story is even more priceless! My favourite is when the WWE wrestlers & Batman learn about Dandasana. Hahaha.


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