Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obama In Da House!

Will it never stop? Obama-mania, that is. I hope it doesn't. Firstly, coz I like the guy and what he represents, and secondly, I love all the kitsch that comes with Obama-mania.

First, it was Lululemon's Ombama campaign

And now, this ranks highly on my happy kitsch list. The special edition collector's item Chia Obama.

No, seriously. The same maker of Chia pets brings us 2 versions of Obama growing his green afro: Happy Chia Obama and Determined Chia Obama.

Can you grow one? YES YOU CAN!"

Hail to the Ch-ch-chief! Visit http://chiaobama.com/ to watch his 'fro grow.


  1. I saw the Obama head awhile ago and thought it would be hilarious to do a collection of chiaheads of yoga stars. Think it would be a hit at yoga studios...:)

  2. Yogadawwwwwwwwg! Thanks for gracing with your presence. ;p And yeah, I'd love to see Paul Grilley or Baron Baptiste with a head of hair... I mean, green grass. I've never had a Chia pet before, I wonder if you could grow other kinds of plants in them. It'd be funny if you could sprout flowers or fruit from those heads... or other green plants. Hmm.


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