Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Missing Piece

What is wrong with this picture?

Maybe I should have started off by saying this: if things like falling teeth and nails give you the heebyjeebies, you'd better move along and skip this post (yes Kelly, that would be you).

Does that give you enough of a hint already? (I purposely made the picture a little smaller than usual so as not to *really* gross you out.)

Yes, ladies & gents, what you see here are 9 toenails painted white, and 1 pink stump where a toenail has fallen off.

It's the left baby toe. See it now?

I can really get in there a little closer.


Brace yourself.


I had an even more extreme close-up of just the little toenail itself, but even I was ultra grossed-out by it so I thought better of it than to upload it here. Ugh.

The weirdest thing about this is... I have no idea when this happened. I only noticed the missing toenail on Friday evening, and if you follow me on Twitter, you would have followed me on the wild goose chase around the house trying to locate it.

How does an entire toenail drop off without hurting, without me even realizing it?

It disappeared without a trace (it's not even in my sock - yes, one of my tweeps suggested checking my shoe and I actually did it).

I have a sinking feeling it might have come off during yoga, so the poor teaching assistants are going to be soooooo grossed out when cleaning out the shala. Imagine having to find... along with all the disgusting bits of hair, mat pieces, flaked-off skin et al... an actual WHOLE toenail (beautifully pedicured, no less). *GAG*

What is simultaneously amazing and gross is there's a teeny, tiny, new, little nail-bit growing where the old nail was.

Ah, Mother Nature. You're a freak.


  1. Wow, I thought putting up a picture of my cat's kitty litter was bad!

  2. OY! I think your cat's heart was cute, but still... if you think about what it was that made that heart. EEK! ...I think my pink stump of a toe can hardly be compared to cat piss! :p

  3. Actually, it's not the cat's pee that "eeks" me; it's thinking how he got the shape - a spray or was his butt on the kitty litter? Anyways, forgot to mention I had a toe nail fall off too because my toe met the door with alarming velocity. But erm, no pictures - who does that? :)

  4. I'm apparently the only one who likes this picture...cos of overall cuteness :p

  5. Oh. My. God. You've resurrected this old post. And I'm reminded that falling toenails might just be MY *thing*. I've recently had another toenail fall out - the baby toenail on the other foot (And I also took a picture and posted it. Hmm. Who does these things)

    This is ponderous.


  6. Oh wow...I actually that this WAS the recent post. I didn't even look at the date, silly me. Yes maybe this can become your "thing"

    Either way I give it a 9 out of 10. Get it?


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