Sunday, August 26, 2007

Franchoek Wine Route

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We drove about an hour to Franchoek last weekend, which is 1 of the wineland areas (kinda sorta near Paarl and Stellenbosch), and went to the Moreson vineyard for lunch with Kelly's dad, Margarita and Neil French and his son.

It was a really pretty drive - lots of mountains in the area, and very dramatic skyline... there was a bit of snow on top of the Stellenbosch mountain... and it's funny that I recognize the Moreson wine label (which has sun rays emanating out from the name), and it's weird when you're on the property knowing the wine is actually FROM THERE. It really is quite spectacular down the Franchoek wine route.

Got pix on my phone-camera, but they're itty-bitty and don't do the scenery justice. The food was really good too... almost like nouvelle cuisine (you know lah, immaculately styled portions with foam on the top...) and not expensive either... the equivalent of only about S$20 per main course.

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