Sunday, August 26, 2007


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As most of our clients are based in Jo'burg, Kelly and I have been flying to & from there quite frequently. I've shot a commercial right in the middle of the CBD (once upon a time you wouldn't dream of walking in the open here coz of the crime... some people still wouldn't dream of being there now, but it's really OK). There are policemen, some with guard dogs, on every other street corner, and apparently they've set up a security camera system on every street corner so thugs get nailed within 2 seconds of committing any crime.

I was expecting Jozi to be full of graffitti, with bullet holes in walls and shopfronts boarded up... but the place is very surprisingly... just like American suburbia... It's the world's largest man-made forest (they needed all the wood in the gold mines back in the day), and it's extremely lush and green and leafy. It takes at least 45 minutes to an hour to drive anywhere, and coz it's so spread out and sprawling, it kinda reminds me of LA (with lots more trees).'s still hard to say what the place feels like coz there really isn't a sense of place about the city... every now and again you drive past a mine dump (like a 10-storey high mound of earth the length from Ngee Ann City to Wisma Atria), right outside the city and it's a bit bizarre.

Haven't managed to take good photos of the rolling green passing by the car yet, but got a couple shots of a monstrous power plant we drove past yesterday. Will be there again next week, will update with more pictures.

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