Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Staircase

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So our apartment's nearly... almost... done. The silly built-in cupboards we've made have been standing there, without doors, for the last 3 months because of 1 screw up after another by 1 silly contractor after another. The doors finally were installed a few days ago, but to our dismay, the idiots screwed on most of the door handles SKEWED, some doors were missing the latch-catch thing on top (so they'd swing open slowly), AND!!! the bloody colour was a beige-y off-white (the rest of the cupboards are WHITE-WHITE). Back they go to the goondusamy contractor again. WAH LAO EH. It was really shocking workmanship to say the least.

The next big thing we're getting done in about 2 weeks is getting rid of the ugly staircase that goes up to the mezzanine floor. If you look closely, you'll see each step has a gimmicky cut-out bit on every alternating step. This not only looks ugly, but is also impractical and dangerous coz you have to waddle down the stairs with your legs wide apart, and if you miss a step you'd most probably go crashing down to the bottom. It takes quite a bit of foot-eye coordination. Whoever designed this ought to be shot. So we're removing the entire staircase and putting in a spiral (also helps to save a bit of space).

Found a metal workshop that does beautiful steel work, and we're getting a similar spiral they have in their workshop put in (they're designing us a sweeping balustrade that starts from the top where the study will be, which sweeps down around the stairs). It's gonna be quite a task - with cranes & winches to remove and transport heavy steel parts up & down the side of our building through the balcony. The whole apartment will be a mess for at least a week or 2 (we've been warned we can't use the kitchen nor the upstairs)... but I think it'll be worth the temporary disruption.

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