Sunday, July 22, 2007

Call me Domestic Goddess

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We've gone from non-cooks to cooking at home most week nights (we didn't even own a frying pan in Singapore until 3 months before we were leaving town). And then didn't end up cooking much anyway. Most friends back home can't believe I'm actually cooking now, so here's pix to prove it.

Produce here is FRESH FRESH FRESH, and so cheap! Organic free-range chicken, grain-fed non-antibiotic beef, and other good stuff seem to grow abundantly and Woolworth's can make anyone a cook. (it's a dept. store/ supermarket chain that owns its own distribution network from farms through to retail stores. It's more "atas" than your average Pick & Pay [aka NTUC] store, but oh so good for you).

Introducing Baked Lemon & Garlic chicken, Garlic & Herb chicken, Peach & Rocket salad with Balsamic glaze, Pan-fried Haddock with smashed butter pumpkin & brussel sprouts, Hake Bobotie (it's a local Cape malay dish traditionally done with lamb or beef mince curry and egg custard. I've customised a healthier hake fish version). And everything done from scratch, none of that pre-mix rubbish. Heh. Not bad for an amateur cook, if I say so myself.

Kelly's moaning about doing the dishes and now wants to install a dishwasher. Except we've got no space for one. So he's starting to attempt to cook (so he doesn't have to do the dishes). His black bean stir-fry's not too shabby but he's made a gazilion scratches in the brand new non-stick frying pan, making it completely cancer-causing so we've gotta go and get another one now.

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