Friday, March 4, 2011

Speak My Truth

I've been going through a period where I haven't felt like saying much. Hence the silence on the blog. Initially, a large part of that was just processing being back from Mysore... It really hit home when they say "there are more distractions in the West".

It's not just the TV and Internet either (Ashtangis in Mysore are invariably glued to Facebook post-practice. Haha.) But it's all the other "life stuff"... Social events, dinner parties, birthday drinks, boy problems, oh and then there's that thing called work too... I suppose when your day only revolves around doing your practice in the morning and then foraging for food later (pretty much THE biggest decision of the day in Mysore is "Where shall we eat"), getting back to regular life again suddenly seems so complicated and so full of other STUFF you need to do. (It didn't help that I'd been away for practically all of December for work too, which meant I also had 2 months worth of other personal admin backlog to get through. Ugh.)

My life last year was mostly about work, work, work. With a little yoga squeezed in between. I am trying to balance that out now by trying to be a tad more social, but then also not at the expense of my yoga practice the next morning. Damn, it's hard.

I pretty much whizzed into 2011 without giving it too much thought since I crash-landed straight into Mysore in the new year. I had no time to sit back and reflect what this year's intention will be. Since I turned a year older yesterday, which is kinda sorta almost like a new year for me, with new beginnings and possibilities... I had another chance to think about what this intention will be.

Last year, I had a very apt intention of Joyful Surrender, which served me well through the mayhem of last year (you can do a search for "Joyful Surrender" on this site and see all the events that pop up).

Yesterday, at the (ripe old) age of 34, I've decided it's the year to Speak My Truth.

Y'know... Honesty. To work through that throat chakra and speak up. And speak up honestly about my intentions and my feelings. Sometimes, it's easier just not to say or admit the truth (not just to others but to myself too). So speaking up can be a difficult thing... But that's the only way to live an authentic life, innit.

I hope I won't bore you in the process, as I just have telling you about it. HAHAHA!

In other news, my workmates are AWESOME. Yesterday, they Happy Birthday'd my desk. It was so lovely coming back from the boring-est client meeting first thing in the morning to be greeted by this sight:

And, I had 3 slices of different cakes yesterday, chocolate tart for elevenses, peach, rhubarb and prune tart for dessert, and vegan apple tart for tea. And another chocolate cake for breakfast this morning. I think I'm gonna have another apple tart for tea now. Happy Birthday to me. *BURP*


  1. Speak Your Truth is awesome. I look forward to reading. I think I am in a very similar place as I approach 33.

  2. aw! Happy Birthday!! Speaking ones truth is a gooooooood thing... knowing it is the hardest step. Can't wait to read about it (so not boring, so dish it out, okay?)

  3. Happy Birthday S, I love your intention, I also strive for it, every day... and yes your co-workers are really nice!

    I can relate to the "processing Mysore" part...

  4. Wow! What a quick reaction! Thanks guys!
    Trimomremade: What will your intention for 33 be?

    Evelyn: The first step I took was to cut the drama. I started to see a guy here. But then when things started becoming difficult and complicated, I questioned why. They don't have to be really. So the first step I took was being honest with himself and with him. There you go. A year older and wiser. :)

    Claudia: I can't wait to go back!!! ;p

  5. Cake for elevenses: The secret to thinking like a youngster. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a year full of bright ideas.

  6. Can't wait to hear the truth a la Skippetty!

  7. Thank God the food porn is back.

  8. Happy birthday Skippetty! What an excellent intention! May you have an awesome year ahead of you!

  9. Happy birthday Jamie!! Speaking the truth isn't easy but it sure helps to cut out a lot of drama :)

  10. your colleagues rock. they're so sweet.

  11. Arturo is right! Really sweet. Happy birthday, Skip! And have a great weekend.

    You are often so all-out, thigh-slapping FUNNY in these pages. Often that's out of a kind of truth-speaking. But you hint there's another layer to be offered up. Delightful.

  12. SF: Thanks!

    Loo: HA! I never said I'd share it publicly. I might just admit it to myself. So there ;)

    LI Ash: Just checked my iPhone and ALL my photos since being back has been about food. I think I have a problem. Or maybe I'm just incredibly Asian (we always take photos of our food).

    Yyogini: Thanks! :)

    Danielle: Yup! In the words of Mary J. Blige: No more drama. HAHA.

    Arturo: Yup, my colleagues are AWESOME. :)

    Owl: Thank you! Yes, the humour does stem from speaking the truth (behind every joke there lies the truth, right?) ...but I guess I'm not one to talk about the heavy stuff in public. That's all private stuff I won't blab here. I guess everyone has boundaries and that's mine. :)

  13. yo, just found you on the blogosphere! :) nice one.


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