Friday, March 18, 2011

My Friend Liz

I have been meaning to write this post for... Oh say... Four months now? If I don''t knuckle down to do this NOW, life will just run away from me and I will never tell the world about this special lady.

Let me just clarify that I have never met her in real life, we've only ever been in touch through emails and er... various "social media". In fact, we met through the Cybershala. If we were living in the same town, I have the feeling that we would probably get along like a house on fire.


My friend Liz makes awesome bags. Bolsa Bonita bags. Like seriously... she HAND-MAKES them from scratch and sells them on her own website. Last year, I ordered a Mr. T handbag from her, and it still makes me giggle. Where his mowhawk is, is a little tuft of "touch me please" fuzzy softness.

She makes other bags of a similar style but with fuzzy patches of softness elsewhere too... Like Burt Reynold's moustache... And Tom Selleck's moustache... And Chuck Norris' moustache... And if you can't handle Macho Men Moustaches, she has softer fuzzy subjects like bunny tails and squirrel tails. She makes them as pillow cushions too!

Her stuff is so cute and awesome. And so well made. My Mr. T bag came with a little fortune cookie type fortune sewn on the back:

"A wonderful adventure awaits you, fool."

:) :) :)

And because I'm a little special, I got a matching purse with another fortune on the inside that says: "No time for jibber jabber." HA! That's what my old yoga teacher in Singapore used to say when people faffed on their mats or asked too many questions before attempting a pose. Mr. T and Yoga. Who'd have thunk?

To top it all off, when I returned from Mysore and was going through a bit of post-Mysore blues, guess what I found waiting for me in the mail one day?! ...Liz had decided to screenprint the picture of me and my Cosmic-Connection Swamiji from the cave on a new wallet design she's testing out!!


I can't begin to tell you how awesome it is. It's so awesome I can't bear to use it. In fact, I think I'm gonna keep it until my next trip to Mysore... Where I'll bring it along to show it off to Swamiji himself. :)

I loved that she wrote "C.C. From Austin to Amsterdam" on the back of my package. :)

There ain't nothing like this one of a kind! She's planning on offering these on her site soon (I think?) so go on and ask her all about her stuff.

PS. She has no idea I've dedicated a post to her and I might get into trouble for it, so this is really a plug for a product/ person-with-mad-crafting-skills I believe in!


  1. OMG, you totally have to show that to Swami-ji!!!!! That is AWESOME.

  2. Like my pink keyboard cover, the wallet makes me all kinds of happy. :)

  3. Jaime!! I'm speechless!! I'm flattered and also sort of turning red from this post! You know I'm really happy you love my work (and humor), and yes, we would get along very fine, I believe.

    You know we all miss your blogging... humor needs to return to the cybershala! Please!

  4. Yay! I thought you might get a bit pissed off with me to be honest, but screw it! I'm just sharing the bag-love with the internet. Haha.

    I've been pretty busy hence the silence. And also haven't really felt the need to say much. (Ironic considering my last post was about speaking my truth. HAHAHA!) Hugs!

  5. I adore my octopus Bolsa but now think I need a Tom Sellack! And your wallet? OMG just too too fantastic! Liz rules. Everyone buy a Bolsa! All the groovy ashtangis have 'em!

  6. Jaime, i was going to email you today to ask you to post please or i might die. thank you for saving my life.
    and the wallet is the best thing ever! Liz, would you make another? i know it would be a little weird for me to have a wallet with jaime and swami-ji on it, but it is just that weirdness that makes me want it even more!

  7. Loo: octo's a very nice design too. :)

    Tova: hahaha! that's beyond weird and frankly I don't think that should be allowed. Do the mum thing and get your kids faces on your wallet instead. If I'd been writing in the past few weeks, they would've been boring posts coz i had nothing to say. So I saved your eyeballs. Miss your cakes!

  8. Dear Jaime
    Wow, what a great review of Liz's creations. That is quite imaginative to create the bag with you and the Swami. Doesn't she have beautiful handwriting too?

  9. oops i mean wallet with you and Swamiji. now that sure has deep meanings. you can bank on it...

  10. That is an AWESOME purse. Wow!!!
    I'm the proud owner of a Bolsa Bonita too :)

  11. Arturo: yes, she's very creative!

    Susan: I remember yours, Mel had pix with you and your bag! I love the ones with the pompom frills on the edges! :)

  12. Um, I've met Liz and she's EFFING FANTASTIC.

  13. Sonya, you're really OK to use the F word on this blog. Don't feel obliged to say Eff. HAHAHA!


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