Monday, April 12, 2010

Descending into Beige Hell

Radio silence on this end because:
1. The internet was busted at home over the weekend
2. Work is getting helluva intense (more waking up after 2hrs sleep to be insomniac the rest of the night)
3. Home practice for the past week has died (because of erratic sleep patterns too)

I know this is a time when practice is just what I need but I honestly haven't got the time in the mornings nor in the evenings. I've only managed 3 sun salutes most days. Some days adding Prasarita A and C (my faves in that sequence) and then some forward bends.

I was almost going to say "bad yogi" but stopped myself there coz hey - at least I try to get on my mat. :p

In other news, Beige Heaven is not so heavenly. After returning from Easter in London, I stepped into the shower only to notice a crunching under my bare feet. A couple of tile bits had chipped off.

On closer inspection, there was a hairline crack in the tile!!

So then I call the landlord who calls his builder "The bathroom, it's recently re-done!" Long story short - it wasn't just a HAIRLINE crack, it was a crack. Period. Something about the previous builder not glueing down the tile evenly or something, leading to uneven er... something (weight distribution?) which led to the crack.


This meant waiting for the builders to come today to hack out the shower floor "It's all wet underneath!!"

Yeah, this meant a soggy, wet, messy trail from the bathroom through the kitchen out onto the balcony outside.

OK, at least they used trash bags to line the khaki shag carpet. I was too upset to think to take pictures of what was going on outside.. they had an entire tile cutter machine thing and were mixing putty outside. The whole balcony is F*&#KED.

So now I've got new BEIGE tiles (of course, what other colour could it be) and a new shower floor.

BUT... I can't use it yet coz... they have to come back tomorrow to silicone-seal the whole damn thing. No shower till end of the day tomorrow? Time to get a day-pass at the gym (just to use the shower).


Good thing as I was on my way out after the builders left, I bumped into the landlord and his wife who were... er... "redecorating" the flat across from me (Yeah, this guy owns all the flats in this building) He is the absolute sweetest landlord EVER! They were extremely apologetic for the inconvenience and mess... And gave me the keys to the flat they were doing up next door since no one is living there yet - so I can use the shower there.

I was ever so grateful. :)

And OH BOY! If my apartment is Beige Heaven, wait till you get a load of the neighbouring flat. I hereby declare it: BLUEBERRY HEAVEN.

Brand spanking new blue carpet (perfect for an office!) and blue everything, everywhere. I'm secretly glad I got the Beige Heaven with RED accents now. It's like they wanted a girl-tenant for one apartment, and a boy-tenant for the other. HAHAHA! Now I'm trying to scheme a way of trying to check out the upstairs flats and see how gender-neutral/ specific they are.

Incidentally, the internet was busted coz the carpet guys installing the new blue carpet next door had unplugged the wireless router (the whole building's wireless is routed to the box in Blueberry Heaven.) Ha! I dunno why you needed to know that, but it gave me great satisfaction to get my internet back.

This whole building makes me laugh. If I have time tomorrow I might just snap some sneaky pix to show you the Smurf Flat. Hehe.


  1. OMG. I'm so lazy I'd probably have ignored the crack. I love that you got the keys to the shower, I was going to say could you go to bikram?!

  2. For some weird reason, I love this post. I love that you took a close up of the tile, I love that you took pictures of the guy in the shower... I just love the whole documentation. It's hilarious.

    I can't wait for Blueberry Heaven.

  3. Hey Susan, I would've been lazy too, but I was practising CYA - Cover Your Arse! ...coz I didn't want it to become my problem and responsibility (ie. PAY FOR IT MYSELF) if I'd left it too long without informing anyone. HAHA. The Bikram showers here are... er... very Dutch. As in: completely full-on open communal showers. And that goes against my modest Asian sensibilties. Heh.

    Liz... they're back again today, with a HAIRDRYER, more putty and silicone. Complete with builder's buttcrack when he's bent over the shower. I hate people traipsing around in shoes, let alone in wet, mucky shoes... so maybe this is my way of dealing with it. Snap photos so I distract myself from the dismay of seeing my personal space "invaded". :p

  4. When Susan suggested Bikram all I could think was "don't make the same mistake I did!!" with my communal-shower mid-bathroom-renovation trauma. Hideous!! And please please take pictures of Blueberry Heaven - for the sake of your public :)

  5. hi Skippetty
    that is beatiful tile. glad they fixed it for you. their color selection does seem weird - one color in one, a totally different scheme in another.


  6. err, i dealt with communal dressing rooms in France, but communal showers would be too much like a nudie beach experience to enjoy, i mean to partake in it. haha.


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