Saturday, July 11, 2009


I meant to upload these photos a couple weeks back, but didn't get round to it till now... Kelly was away in Auckland on a shoot (and visiting his mom at the same time!), so I did a little city walkabout on my own.

Of course I ended up buying something! Check out my new biker boots.

When I took them off at home, I realized how much I love my boots...

(Plus, I'm seriously considering getting those ugly Ugg boots. They look so nice and toasty!)

The Sydney Winter Festival was on, so I thought I'd go check it out. They basically used the empty courtyard space in front of St. Mary's Cathedral, and turned it into a "winter wonderland". Well, considering it was 18 degress celsius at the time, there was absolutely nothing wintry about it.

...not even down to the non-indigenous pine trees with FAKE snow in them. Yes folks, they stuffed cotton wool on the pine trees!

The major attraction there was an ice-skating rink. People had to book their spots in advance to confirm a 1/2 hour joy ride, but I was disappointed when I turned up to see that the entire rink was probably about half the size of a tennis court. (no wonder they had to make bookings!)

The cutest thing was they also had "snow" in the area around the skating rink - of course it was also all fake, made by this snow machine.

That pointy black bit on the end of the machine starts filling up with white fluffy-looking things (goodness knows what they make it out of), and there's an industrial fan behind the pointy bit that blows off the white fluff. If you look on the top left corner of the bigger picture, you can see the white fluff being blown off against the green trees.

It was the most bizarre experience. I was starting to sweat in my winter coat, surrounded by so many people in not-cold-at-all weather, with fake snow and fake ice all around me. Hahaha! Suffice to say I didn't last more than 5 minutes there. The rest of the "festival" consisted of food stands, which I passed on.

Decided to take a walk through Hyde Park instead, and it was a really gorgeous day.

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