Saturday, June 20, 2009

The longest 1.5hrs of your life... being in a yoga class taught by a teacher you're not connecting with.

Maybe it's coz I've become so used to the Mysore-style of ashtanga practice, where the room is QUIET except for people's ujjayi breathing, that when I went to a power yoga class today I kept wishing the teacher dude would just SHUT THE HELL UP!!

It's been bugging me all day and I just had to write it down. I've been wondering if it's because I've become used to a different style of practice, or maybe it's coz he was just pretty green as a teacher. I kept repeating to myself during the class "put all judgment aside"... "it's just a different style"... but I dunno, I was once a major Power Yoga lover... all that teacher chatter used to helped me along in my practice... but as I've returned to Ashtanga mysore-style and fallen in love with it all over again, I found his 'guru speak' really annoying and extremely distracting.

Plus, it didn't help that the last 10 minutes of the class was a guided meditation to open up the chakras, but as he counted his way down he went from the crown chakra to the throat chakra, skipping the 3rd eye... then going back up to the 3rd eye chakra again, then jumping down to the solar plexus chakra... I was feeling as all over the place as he was.

I just ended up shutting his voice out and concentrating on my breathing, trying not to get irritated. But as you can tell, it was probably too late. URGH. Can't wait to get back to a Mysore class tomorrow. Double URGHHH.

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PS. Kelly's away shooting in New Zealand so I thought I'd go large and watch a cheezy rom-com... "I Love You, Man". Paul Rudd. Need I say more?'s not nearly as bad as you'd think. In fact, I was pissing myself laughing through most of the movie. Thoroughly recommend it. :)

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