Friday, October 29, 2010


I can kinda sorta see the "logic" behind it.

But... Eww! A yoga class ain't no pick-up bar! Is this just in Harrrrrrllywood (aka La-La Land), or in America in general? (Where I've been to it's been majority females in class only, and it didn't seem like there was any pick-up action going on. Or maybe I'm just clueless?)

PS. Sorry for the silence. Work is heating up again with late nights and early starts - resulting in some insomniac bouts from work stress in the past week too. Which means: Nonexistent MWF Shala practice after last Monday. (There's a post in this somewhere... Juggling an almost-daily 2-hour practice in the midst of an intense job with crazy hours. At this point, my body says: NO!)



  1. Funny video. I think this is probably more a big city phenomenon. Where I'm at (Moorhead, MN), the classes tend to be very small, mostly female, and (again, unless I'm totally oblivious), I don;t detect any picking up vibes.

    At the studio I used to teach at when I lived in Florida, I did notice a couple of guys making what I thought were rather lame attempts in this direction. But then again, who am I to judge? I suppose it's better than trying to meet people at bars...

    So you are also from the fair island of Singapore? Guess what, I'm also from there! I came to the states for grad school in 2001, and haven't gone back since.

  2. It's a good story! But like any video clip, I find that it's edited in such a way as to turn a possibility into a truth. I think it probably happens with more frequency in big US cities than the family-suburban area I live in. My yoga teacher met his Dutch wife in Mysore, so hey, there is some truth in this ;)

  3. ohhhh.... that guy is so cheesy!!! I think any self respecting woman would have his number immediately. I do think it's great to meet someone through yoga since yoga is such a big part of our lives, but the reality is, there are usually way more women and the men are taken!

    I love the first part where all the drunks are smoking and talking about yoga. I also cringed when the woman at the end said it's adorable to see a guy falling around and not knowing what he's doing. uh. I don't find that adorable.

    Sorry this is long, but one more thing: I have a very cute friend who is super athletic, smart, and funny. He's been practicing for several years now. When he first got into it he told me that he was totally paranoid to look at anyone because he didn't want the women to feel violated by a man looking at them! I thought that was kind of awesome. He's engaged now, but not to someone he met in practice- but he quickly got her on the mat!

  4. Hey Nobel! Welcome to blog-land! :)
    I think maybe we're both too oblivious. Or... we have good drishti and focussing on other things instead. HAHA. Funny that you're from sin jia poh too! I was in Boston University in the late 90s, but went back for a while and worked there before moving around again. Call us "quitters". Take that, PAP!

    Danielle - You're a quitter too! HAHA! ...and yes, lots of yogis end up dating each other. Nothing wrong in that at all. It's just the INTENTION of going to a yoga class on-the-prowl is just a bit... well, fucked up. ;p

    ELP - I had the same reaction when the lady talked about how guys falling down was cute. That added to my "REAAALLLLY?" reaction. And you're right - all the guys I've known from yoga are either gay or already taken. Good thing I don't go to a yoga class to look for my next date then! Hehe.

  5. Haha...I'm definitely oblivious to any hanky panky that might be going on, or not. I've been with my partner for 8 years though so that kind of thinking isn't even on the radar for me. I do know a guy who got into yoga to meet chicks but that quickly changed when he really started getting into his practice. He's a good guy so was a bit of a joke.


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