Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sharath in Sydney: Week 1, Day 5

Sharath & I walked past each other as he was leaving today. He said something but I didn't realize he was speaking to me, until he tapped my arm and repeated what he said.

"You hold all the way tomorrow. Headstand - you hold for all the counts tomorrow."

EEEEEK! (I had a BOO! IT'S HALLOWEEN! moment) Has he been reading this blog or what?!? (haha, yeah right) ...Or maybe he's just noticed this is the one pose I'm going balls to the walls with. WOW. I'm impressed (if you've been following my reports since Day 1, or is it Day 2... you'll know what I mean).

Today's headstand - I held up to 6 of his loooooooong counts (he goes up to 15), came down for a couple counts, then went back up again for another 3, almost 4, counts.

Then with legs at 90 degrees, he usually counts for 10. I've been too winded to even bother here and been resting in child's. Up until today - I held at 90 degrees for 5 counts! Geewhiz, it really is a mind over matter thing innit? (what he said about our bodies are strong but minds are weak - has really stuck, and I guess I'm trying harder).

Hmm... maybe eagle-eyed Sharath noticed this today?

So... it's not quite a physical adjustment, but definitely a verbal prod to adjust my mindset.

Even better. :)

PS. They were selling "R. Sharath World Tour 09" Tshirts today. I bought one that said "Eat More Chepatis!" coz I absolutely loved that story from yesterday's conference. It still cracks me up!


  1. As someone who's consistent arch-asana-nemesis is headstand. How long - time wise - would you estimate 15 "Sharath counts" are?

  2. Yay!! Individual feedback, exciting stuff Jaime - just you wait till week 2! x

  3. Hey Portside - I hear you! (it takes one to know one. heh) I think each count is about 7 or 8 seconds. (Any Sydney ashtangis from the conference care to estimate too?) Someone had mentioned that it's technically supposed to be 4sec on the inhale, 4sec on the exhale for 1 count, so that's kind of about where my estimation ends up too. Just for you, when we came to shoulderstand I started counting one thousand-two thousand-three thousand... and got up to about 7 (yeah, my breath was all over the place too coz I wasn't concentrating on HIS count!). I'm pretty sure he holds the count for longer in headstand (or maybe it just feels longer in my head!)

    Mel... I can't wait for week 2 too! :) :) :)

  4. Gorgeous! Isn't it wonderful, so wonderful that he noticed you were ready to do something more in your practice -- out of all the people in the room -- ...

  5. True that Miss Om! I feel blessed. :)


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