Friday, October 30, 2009

Sharath in Sydney: Week 1, Day 4

"You physically strong. But the mind is weak."

So says Rangaswamyji aka Sharath at the end of Uthpluthi today.

He counted "One", and paused for about 5 counts before people started giggling in anticipation of the "Two" that didn't come. He probably held for another 5 counts before he decided to go into "Two".

Funny thing is, I've been starting to feel the same way about my practice in the past couple of days. And it hit home when I heard him say it this morning. (I mean this in the most positive way, even though what he said sounds kinda hardcore.)

Today was a decidedly inward-focussed practice. Maybe I'm tired. Maybe the excitement about being there, having everything fresh, shiny & new is wearing off already, and I'm really starting to get focussed on my practice groove.

I could've sworn I was closing my eyes quite a bit today - in most of the seated forward bends especially, but I think maybe my eyes were open (Hello drishti!), but my mind was in the zone. (I was going to say "my mind was somewhere else". But it was definitely there, yet it wasn't. I'm finding it hard to articulate this now, I hope you get what I'm saying).

Today's headstand was decidedly stronger. Held for 6 of his counts, came down, then went back up again for another of 2 of his counts. OK, seeing how I came down at his 4th count yesterday, I'm pretty pleased with myself. Besides, this was the first time in a loooooong time that my biceps were burning in headstand towards the end, so OK, slowly but surely I'm going somewhere. Who knows, tomorrow I might not even be able to get up! (a guy from my shala holds sirsasana for 108 long & slow breaths. Geepers! ...that's something to inspire you!)

A short report today, but it was a good practice for me at least. :)

His conference is on this evening, so I'll hopefully take some notes to post here some time after tomorrow's practice. (Yes folks, Saturday will not be our rest day. Monday will be our rest day.) (Pedantic traditionalists, take note! Heh.)

Here's a bizarre ad I spotted on the walk to the workshop this morning to make you laugh. I'd be afraid to go there if I were a bear, and likewise if I were a man (or woman). I'd love to see the other (bad) ads their ad agency have come up with for other clients!


  1. Really enjoying reading this workshop report, thanks for posting in such detail, looking forward to hearing about the conference.

  2. I'm looking forward to reading about the conference too!

    Sounds like you had a great practice. I love it when I really get in the zone. I wish it happened more often (weak mind! ha ha!).

    That ad is horrible! (but funny)

  3. 2 of my favourite bloggers, yippee! Glad you're enjoying these reports... would be interested to see what you think of what he said at the conference. For now, it's way past my bedtime. Gotta be shiny for day 6 tomorrow. Gnite!


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