Monday, August 11, 2008

I still haven't killed the plants...

The last time I wrote about our plants was when I'd pruned the lavender bush. More like hacked it up. Only to discover later in some gardening website that over-pruning lavender would cause it to never ever flower again. Ever.


So since November last year until now, I thought I'd pretty much damaged the plant for good since all the other plants continued flowering except that damn lavender.

...Until now, right in the middle of winter, I'm suddenly seeing the appearance of tiny flower buds starting to appear. YAY! I feel like such a proud parent, maybe I do have green thumbs after all. Yeah right. It's more likely this thing only flowers once a year.

On the other hand, the Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow plant has gone cuckoo. It's right in the middle of winter and it has decided to flower like there's no tomorrow (or yesterday and today?). OK, bad joke. I'd recently pruned it (again like the lavender, it was "anyhow whack!") and I guess it liked shedding the excess.

Some stalks had no leaves, just flowers galore. It's really gone mad!

The Polygala's been the only steadfast plant. This is one plant that can really withstand abuse and still keep on going. I kept forgetting to water the plants everyday in the summer, and at one point all the flowers and some leaves were turning yellow and then black. I thought I'd completely killed it but all it took was some pruning of the dead stuff (again, "anyhow whack!") and it's still flowering now.

My only beef is it's still so 'twiggy' looking and bent sideways. We tried re-potting it but the wind kept blowing it crooked again so we've just given up on it.

Not a bad progression from our last apartment in Singapore where we single-handedly killed two plants in less than two months. (But of course that's gonna happen when you don't water the plants. Duh.)

Here's what they look like now.

For what they looked like when we first got them, click here.

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