Monday, May 5, 2008

Only in Africa Part 5: Please try throwing your trash?

For a Singaporean super-used to having trash cans every 10 metres or so down any public street and having been ingrained by the government since childhood that these have to be used (or else "Fine $500"!), it was odd to come to a country where there was hardly a bin in sight to throw stuff away.

You end up having to carry your trash with you until you find a bin miles away, or just keep your snotty tissues in your pocket till you get home (and then forget about it till its gone in the laundry with your trousers only to have it come out as little powdery bits. YUCKS!)

The one trash can I finally found ended up being a "trial" bin. Vive l'Afrique! What happens after the trial ends? What if people reject the "trial" bin? ...Maybe it's a trial in case of the same reason here: Thailand Terrorist

Are terrorists creating an unhygienic world?

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