Friday, May 2, 2008

Rabbit Food

I've been vegetarian for 1 month and 1 week now - absolutely no meat and no fish. Was trying to go completely vegan, but cutting out dairy is exceptionally difficult. Can't go without cake and biscuits! I won't eat eggs that look like eggs... ie., not if it's an omelette, sunny-side up, fried in noodles, etc. But if it doesn't look like eggs per se but is mixed into stuff that doesn't taste like egg, eg. cake and biscuits, IT'S ALL GOOOOOOOOD. Pass the cake and biscuits.

So trying to find protein alternatives has been quite an experiment - lots of soy milk, nuts & beans (pooot!) (Just kidding, I don't fart. Really.) ...and came across this vegetarian meat alternative here by Fry's. They've got everything from burgers to sausages to mince to stir-fry strips (?) all made from Soy and mashed up with... er good stuff. This stuff rocks, it actually tastes like SPAM! (aka "luncheon meat")... y'know, that horrible mashed up yuck of pork bits that's bad for you but tastes oh-so-good. And the same tasting stuff here is actually available for VEGETARIANS!

Our freezer is now loaded with the stuff, although whatever shape it comes in, it all tastes the same. Time to discover the next meat alternative...

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