Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Cleanse: Day 3

- On rising: 1 cup Fenugreek water (see yesterday's post for explanation), followed by 1 cup lemon water and Triphala supplement.

- 7.30am: Breakfast smoothie

Turmeric (this stuff STAINS, so if you have a white blender, like me, wash it STAT)
Sprouted hemp seeds
Chia seeds
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Water - enough so the smoothie is your desired consistency.

*Because I had 1 glass less water this morning, I wasn't running to pee as much in today's workshop (Yup, was at Day 2 of Paul's pranayama and ashtanga workshop again today). 

- 2pm: Lunch while at this workshop and so no juicing... 
Cucumber slices
Carrot sticks
Pineapple chunks

...Followed by a wheatgrass shot from the deli round the corner. 

And then it pretty much all fell apart from here... coz I went to see Iron Man 3 after the workshop and then caught up with Paul over dinner. Funny enough he said "how many days cleanse are you on? 3 days only? Pffft... you're fine to break the juicing tonight". 

HAHAHAHA. That's why Paul Dallaghan is one of my fave yoga teachers. He's been through all the hardcore teachings and traditional ascetic practices, but now embraces a "No dogma" approach. 

I'm good with this. I wasn't going on a hardcore week-long fast this time anyway, just wanted a very gentle reset from all the sugar and coffee and craaaaaaap I'd been eating. So... We went for Vietnamese since this was pretty much "easier" for my "cleanse". 

7.30pm: Dinner. Veggie rice paper rolls. 

...and then it REALLY fell apart when I started picking at his mixed vegetables, white rice and fried noodles. And er... we ordered dessert to share (!!) HAHAHAHA. I had just a few spoonfuls of banana and coconut custard. My belly is confused now and feels heavy. But oh so satisfied... ;p 

Guys - Please. That dinner is a good example of what NOT to do when on a cleanse. And what not to do when just getting out of a cleanse. I should've just stuck with the rice paper rolls only and not gone further tonight. But... You only live once. Heh.   

- 11pm: Yogi Tea Detox Tea with Triphala supplement. 

Overall, I'm feeling good - not feeling particularly springy with energy as I have on previous detoxes, but neither am I feeling low on energy either. I think if I'd have kept this up for 5 or even 7 days, I probably would've felt the benefits more intensely. This is the shortest cleanse I've ever done, so I've got nothing else to compare it with. It's probably a good idea to keep this up every few months just to hit the reset button with the digestive system. 

I'm glad I did this... Gives me some ideas on how to formulate other DIY detoxes down the road too...! Hope it's helped you too in some way. :) 

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