Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Yogini On Beauty

OK, so not too long ago, I took a Mysore class with KM in London. You can read about that post here. In it, I blabbed my internal dialogue about "Wow, she's wearing make-up".

Stupid little detail I picked up on, and perhaps a part of me was also judging her. But... Who am I to judge? And judge her for what? Wearing make-up while teaching? Seriously?! (What kind of bitchy cow am I?!)

I might not connect with her teaching adjustments, but I've always connected with the articles she writes and the truth that she speaks. And once again, I have been put back in my place. A friend sent me this video of KM on beauty and the body. And she's 100% right (KM, that is). Thanks for the link, Yoga Mama!
(Also... She shaved her head?! RESPECT.)

(Oh yeah... put aside all judgment of that cheezy piano track in the intro and outro. And... is that REALLY a gauzy/ diffused effect used towards the end?) (Sorry, occupational hazard that I notice these things... the people who made this video should've just kept it simple!)

Speaking of which, I went for a facial and pedicure today. HAHAHA! It was a lovely ME, MYSELF AND I day. And yes, I did it because I wanted to treat myself (and paschimottanasana drishti was getting distracting with my manky toes). :)



  1. "(and paschimottanasana drishti was getting distracting with my manky toes)"

    LOL...I totally know what you're talking about. This happens to me too! :)

  2. well I almost puked from the music, but yeah! thanks for posting! was a good slap to my judginess about her plucked brows and blond hair... I've always liked her writing too and it was nice to hear what she has to say.

    I did a face masque and deep hair condition today, sort of joining you in a cyber jour du beauty

  3. MC Shan - hehe, not just in paschimottanasana but in all asanas with padhayagorai drishti. I totally messed up that sanskrit word. Whatever. Big toe drishti! :)

    Loo - maintenance days are essential! Hope you're looking and feeling great after! :)

  4. I went for her workshop in SF this past weekend, and, after reading your post, was looking out for evidence of make-up too! Hahaha!! The main thing that struck me about her was how tiny she is, and following from that, thinking about how easy yoga must be for her, compared to a giant like me (I'm 1.7m). So it was interesting to hear her talk about growing up as a 'small person' in the video. The other side of the coin so to speak...

  5. I thought it was bad luck to cut your toenails on a moon day!

  6. Globie, that may be the funniest comment I've ever read!

    Jaime, thanks for sharing that video. I wouldn't have watched it on my own, but coming from your blog, I knew I HAD to! I have always wondered if her style comes from living where she does. Like the shorty-shorts. Maybe that's a Miami thing? I would have a perma wedgie wearing those shorts.

    I have a friend who is barely 4'11". I've witnessed a lot of the shit she has to put up with. I've never seen Kino on person, but it's obvious she's a tiny person (but so strong it kind of cancels out the tiny).

  7. Evelyn, actually it is supposed to be unlucky to cut your toe nails on a Sunday, apparently it will lead to seeing blood the next day. So it sounds really dangerous to cut the toe nails when it's a Sunday and a Moon day! Not that I'm superstitious or anything you understand!

  8. Danielle - Yes, she's super tiny!! Doing assisted dropbacks with her was initially scary, but she's super strong and you don't feel like she'll drop you.

    Globie - what kind of old wives' tale is THAT?! hahaha!

    Eve - can I call you Eve for short? ;p Perma-wedgie shorty-shorts. That made me snort. :) x

  9. Well I googled it to check and Sunday is the day!

    Felt completely safe doing dropbacks with Kino, she may be tiny, but she has technique as well as strength.


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