Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moving House. (Again...?!?)


I move out of Beige Heaven tomorrow morning. And I haven't packed yet. Well, I'm officially out this weekend but I get the keys to the new place tomorrow, so I might as well move. Right?

This means I've officially been in Amsterdam for 6 months, right about when my freelance contract terminates and when the fulltime contract kicks in (B'bye corporate housing, Hello beautiful new apartment). Super friggin' fast.

I am in a panic with no clue where to begin. Kept thinking "It'll be easy. I just moved here with 1 suitcase. How much stuff do I have to move?!"

Turns out, along the way I've probably collected about another suitcase worth of clothes. And books. And a pantry of food. And shoes, oh yes shoes. (Hey! It was middle of winter when I came and now it's summer, how the heck would I have had enough seasonal clothes and shoes?!)

Now's when I really NEED a butler to do my bidding. You know how I hate packing. Someone suggested grabbing all my clothes out the wardrobe and into garbage bags - forget about laying them out in a suitcase.

I'm going to think about how to do this and where to begin. Procrastinate a little bit more before I start the actual packing.

Joyful Surrender... Where Art Thou? (By the way, it's 9.55pm and I'm still getting work emails on the Blackberry.)



  1. the garbage bag thing works just fine. I've seen my daughter do it countless times! Like when I would arrive to take her home from college at semester's end and she hadn't even begun packing yet. It's especially good for short moves like yours. Hey everything'll be out of the bag in no time, right? xo

  2. Good luck!! I'm totally down with that garbage bag idea.

    I wish I had a butler too.

  3. Dear Skippetty
    I would double bag the trash bags unless you find the super high grade ones that don't fall apart, the kind that hold trash from construction sites. There's always boxes. Happy packin' :)

  4. I hope it's going alright. Moving is one of the worst things, but when it's over...the best.

    Trash bags rule. Can't wait to see pics.


    Mikey B


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