Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lelong! Lelong!

So our boxes from South Africa finally arrived last week. I've managed to unpack only 3 out of the 14 boxes so far... the ones with all our clothes and shoes. Of course.

I was looking forward to a same-old-brand-new wardrobe since I've been wearing the same clothes for the last 3 months... but once you've survived for that long on only one suitcase's worth of clothes, you suddenly realize "Hey, I really don't need that much". (Kelly would probably laugh if he read this coz compared to him, I still have TONS of stuff). ...but it's really been pared down quite a bit! Really!

So while unpacking boxes of stuff that I probably would never wear again (and also probably not be able to fit into... coz since when did you know anyone over 30 who's still a UK 8?) I decided it was time to get back into an old past-time of mine: EBAY!

If you didn't already know, I was big-time into it in the year before we left Singapore for South Africa, even owning an eBay store and getting Power-Seller status for sourcing and selling cult brands like Baby Phat, Abercrombie, Primp (you have to earn a certain amount and have positive feedback from your customers for an extended period of time to get Power-Seller status). But it all stopped when we moved to South Africa coz... well let's just say the South African postal service is notorious for having sticky fingers. Even Amazon stopped all deliveries to S.Africa because of the alarming rate of postal theft (I know, pretty shocking innit?)

So this time around, instead of selling brand-new designer stuff, I'm hawking off all my previously-loved stuff. I'm only midway through the auctions which close this weekend, but have already got bids on 8 out of the 30 items so far. And A LOT of people watching all the other stuff too. (As the seller, you can tell how many people have put your items on their "watchlist", so while there may not be any bids on them yet, it's highly likely bidding will happen closer to the end of the auction since there's interest in them).

I can't believe people have bid on my second-hand gym gear. I personally wouldn't be able to wear something knowing that someone else had been to the gym and sweated in it. Even if it had been ME. Ugh (in my case it's not gym, it's yoga.) I guess there's always different strokes for different folks! Since all my items have a starting bid of 99 cents, I guess that's also a pull factor. Plus, I take care of all my stuff really well!

Ladies, here's a tip... if you're hemming and hawing over spending money on that brand name-something, just do it. It's the stuff with a well-known label on it that are getting the most bids and watchers in the second-hand market (yes, even used gym clothes)... and I'm not even talking about high-end designer stuff. I haven't even got round to listing my Y3-Yohji Yamamoto trainers yet, so wait till eBay gets a load of THAT!

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