Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hanging out on Signal Hill

Last weekend, Fabio, Paul Kelly & I took a drive and hung out on top of Signal Hill. On one side looking across the city bowl, it was beautiful bright glorious skies, and on the other side looking towards Lion's Head and the 12 Apostles, it was dark & gloomy. There's an old wive's tale that if clouds surround Lion's Head, it will rain that day. It's always been true as far as I've observed.

(Paul had been in a bad car accident the week before, so he was walking around with a crutch that Kelly's playing with in the picture).

Some guinea fowl were also hanging out on Signal Hill - Kelly claims they're related to the chicken and just looking at them superficially with their short wings (they can't quite fly) and the way they hop around, they kinda sorta do look like chickens with different coloured faces and feathers.

From where we were, we were able to spot our apartment (well, kind of). It's a low block so it was hidden from view coz of the other higher blocks. Things look pretty from up here.

More views on the online album here:

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