Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shoot in Parow, Cape Town

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Straight after the Irene shoot, I headed back to Cape Town on another shoot for a different client the next day. This one was more fun - we had an extremely large lady that had to be rigged to a harness so it looked like she was being sucked into the sky, and we also did the same with a golf cart and motorbike.

...it took 3 men initially to hoist her up, but then when we had to change the angle where she was being lifted, it took a total of 5 men (3 on the ground, 1 on the roof of a building, and yet another one running in the opposite direction, hanging onto a crane beam for support). It was pretty hysterical. More photos in the photo album column and some videos below. (oh, forgot to add: This was also Kelly's and my first job together since we've been working at the same place again. Spot him in the pix!)

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