Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kelly's got a Scooter

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Since summer's pretty much here and the tourists will soon jam up the roads, Kelly's insisted on getting a scooter (easier to get through jams). He decided this past weekend "I'm getting a scooter this week", promptly went out scooter-shopping during lunch with his art director on Monday, and actually bought one on the spot.

I was like "HAR?!? You bought one already?!? No research, no bargain-hunting, you just went and bought a Kymco?! Simi lai eh?" ...he said "Made in Korea". Later that night, only after having purchased the scooter already, he comes home and starts researching the reviews and gets on the forums to find out all about the Kymco Agility 125. "Oh. It's Made in China. But it's got good reviews and more reliable than Yamaha." HAHAHA.

Anyways, it's really cute. And it's got flames along the sides (no, not airbrushed - stickers only.) There were more flame stickers on the front initially, but those were bordering on the really cheena, so he got those removed. I drove behind him in the car on his maiden ride to the office this morning - and I couldn't go past 3rd gear!

Check out the photo album on the left for more pix. (plus... he's got a garang full-face helmet, Ultra Man-vibe. He was so excited he was wearing the helmet around the house AND while driving the car to pick up the scooter. hahaha, damn funny.)

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