Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello From Ivalo

It's -30 degrees Celsius here.

I've got updates from Hong Kong, Cape Town and Brussels. And lots of photos too. And I went to practice in the shalas in Hong Kong and Cape Town too.

It's just been too busy to write a proper post until now, while we're waiting to board our flight back to Amsterdam. I'm only back for a night then off to Brussels for 1 day as well to check on the edit. Pretty crazy work schedule innit!

Here's a couple of shots from here. The tips of my hair were freezing over. We were told not to touch frozen hair as it can snap off easily. Someone apparently had a frozen ponytail snap off! Insane!!

My hat and scarf are black. The white bits are ice.

The drive to the airport at 11.30am. That's the moon in the horizon. We only get 3 hours of daylight here between 11am - 2pm.

After this I'm back to Singapore for Christmas and head to Mysore from the new year for a month. I so need to unplug a little bit and can't wait to do that!

Will post more pictures from this whirlwind trip when I can sit down for a breather! Hope you've all been well! :)

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