Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wrapping Up + Rickshaw Ride

Too many goodbye lunches. Too many photos and videos to go through. And there'll be more farewells tomorrow too. I have a little over 24 hours left in Mysore. ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I'll just have to post all of the updates later, when I'm back in Amsterdam.

In the meantime, here's some video taken while riding in a rickshaw. I was sitting up front with Maney, coz the back seat was completely full already. While the area around Gokulam is relatively "calm" and quiet, the ride into Mysore city and the city itself is pretty... um... Lively.

Watching the video again, it still doesn't quite do the sights and sounds of Mysore justice (you need a 360 degree camera for that). But it kinda gives you a good snippet of what it's like to ride through town in a rickshaw. :)

Will try to post a blog again before I leave... But um... I still haven't packed and I've suddenly accumulated SO MUCH STUFF and I'm freaking out I'm gonna be massively overweight and be hit with a massive bill at the airport... So after led Primary tomorrow, it's packing-like-there's-no-tomorrow (where's a Butler when you need one?), walk by the lake with Nass, final Chanting class, farewell lunch at Green Hotel, say Bye to Sharath (FUUUUUCK! WHY DID I LEAVE THIS TILL THE LAST MINUTE?!? WHAT IF HE'S NOT THERE?!?)... Then final packing bits and my last shower in India before my 4-hour car ride to Bangalore Airport in the middle of the night, then an 11-hour flight to Paris, transiting there before the final 1-hour flight from Charles de Gaulle to Amsterdam. BLERGGHHHHHHHH. It's not as bad as some of the 24-hour journeys the Americans have to make, BUT STILL!!!

Dear Lord, I feel like I'm in a blur already. I haven't had this much stress in the last 5 weeks!!!



  1. Jia You!! It will all come together, somehow, don't worry. The rickshaw video reminds me of riding a tuk tuk through the streets of Bangkok, except with less traffic and more street life going on :)

    Oh, and happy Chinese New Year to you by the way! Safe travels x

  2. HAHAHA .. love how you got Maney's horn (it always sounds like it's going to die ... keep telling him he's gotta get one of those that sound like a clown's horn!). Glad you had such a great stay in Mysore with lots of memorable moments... safe travel back! :o)

  3. Have a safe trip back! and hope you get some rest before work!


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