Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oi & Thorsten in Cape Town

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Oi & Thorsten came to Cape Town the same week I got back from Singers - they spent half the week at a wedding in the vineyards of Franchoek, then came back to spend the whirlwind weekend with us.

It was one of the windiest days ever - the Coast Guard had issued a coastal warning of winds up to 50kmh and the Cape Point was closed. But Oi was determined to finally get there - where the Atlantic & Indian Oceans meet, and it's also almost the Southern-most tip of the African continent (it's the fake end)... the real edge of the African continent goes around False Bay for another 3 hours... but we could see it from where we were and that was good enough. Besides, it was as cool to be at the point where the 2 oceans meet (and no, contrary to popular belief, you can't actually see a line where the warm water meets the cold. POOI!)

When we got there, the wind had died down (just a wee bit), enough for the park to be open again (so it was a good thing the 2hr drive wasn't for naught)... We trekked out as far South as we could get, only to come to a pole pointing us in the direction of "Singapore - 9,667km". HA!

The next day, we hit the tourist trail again and queued up to go up Table Mountain. The dilemma this time was whether Oi & T would make it to the airport in time, given the long Q to go up the mountain by cable car. The guard told us it would be a 1hr wait - we started at the back of the Q at 10.30am and finally made it to the top at 1pm. Go figure. (Vive l'Afrique!) After all that, we raced through a 360 degree walk on top of the mountain in 15 minutes, and Oi & T had to make their way back down again to catch the 4pm flight back to London. Wah lao! (glad it wasn't me! heh.)

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